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residential moving

Organise your Move

Contact Acorn Movers as soon as you know your move is on. We will arrange for an expert surveyor to visit your home and discuss your requirements. We will then design a removal package tailored for your individual needs and provide you with a written quotation and removal plan.

If you moving overseas, your removal plan will include import formalities and all necessary documentation.

Decide what’s going and what’s staying

Our crews are fully trained in the art of packing and wrapping furniture particularly for overseas. Think about the things, especially the large items that you are going to take, and those which are staying, ie, fixtures and fittings. Make a note of what is staying and make sure you tell the moving team from the outset. Also, think about appliances, and organize the disconnection of equipment in advance to avoid any last minute hitches or disasters.

Remember : Think about items you have in a roofs, lofts, garages, outbuildings and sheds. These will all need to be emptied.


It is vital that we are made aware of the size of the house you are moving into. Will there be access for our large lorries (7 ft x 58) to park outside, or close by. If not we will organize smaller vehicles for your move.

Notify companies of Change of Address

You will need to notify relevant companies of your impending move including utilities companies (Gas, Electricity, water, telephone ), banks, investment companies, credit/debit card companies, schools, magazine subscription driving license for driving license, newsagents etc.

Contact the post office to arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your new address. Send new address details to friends.

Nearer to and on the moving day.

Date : A provisional date will be booked as soon as the forms have been returned and will be confirmed as soon as you know the date of the move.

Distance : Depending upon the situation and how far you are moving, we may organize to pack some larger items in advance, particularly if you have agreed to have our packing serives.

Moving Team : You will be advised in advance of the moving team allocated to your move, which will ensure that everything is packed safely and securely on to the van.

Leaving : The removal team will ask you to ensure that the house you are leaving is completely empty and checked thoroughly before they finally set off.

Storage : If any boxes have been allocated for storage, the removal team will ensure they are packed and are sent to the storage location.

New Home : Once the lorry has arrived at your new home the removals team will put all the boxes or containers in the rooms you have mentioned.




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