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Office relocation

Office Moving Furniture Services
Furniture comprises a large part of the office move in terms of volume. Acorn movers provides the following office furniture services.

Office Furniture Moving
Moving large items of furniture requires a highly physical, yet skilled, workforce who employ specialist techniques and moving gear. Acorn movers staff are fully trained and provide a rapid and effective service that does not damage your office items.

Disassembly and assembly of Office Furniture
Acorn movers can provide a service to disassemble and reassemble awkward or large furniture for moving.

Office Furniture Rental
Acorn movers can provide rental furniture for temporary business set-ups, exhibitions and conferences, or any working solution where the need for productive space is short term.

Refurbishment of office furniture
Acorn movers can help you reduce costs through refurbishment of furniture.

office relocation

Piano movers

Although your piano is a piece of furniture, it is also a music instrument. Therefore, a certified and professional piano mover is necessary when you need to move your piano for any reason. AcornĀ  movers are trained especially to move these delicate and substantial pieces of furniture. Because of their weight, they are already difficult to move easily. But the insides of a piano make it delicate, as broken pieces can hurt the performance of the instrument and be costly to fix. That is why professional, reputable piano movers are necessary to make sure that the piano, whether an upright or a grand, will not be damaged in the process.
Choosing a piano mover can be a stressful process if your piano is a family heirloom or your primary or favorite music instrument for playing. Your piano may be a prized possession that you would be heartbroken to lose. we Make sure you place it in capable hands.